Introduction to my studio work

Dear reader, it is my great pleasure to welcome your interest to my art work. 

I have been painting and drawing quietly since graduating art school in 1987 and consider it integral to my life’s purpose.  The focus of my practice since then has been on portraiture and refining skills in oil painting and drawing. 

Beyond commissioned portraiture my inner calling and great interest is to create  allegorical figurative works that explore man’s psychology,spiritual awakening and enlightenment.  My studies of symbol systems such as tarot and astrology enhance my visual imagination and I am beginning to integrate this symbology into my work.   I have great faith in the practice of painting and in the capacity of painting to transcend its materiality, to hold truth and to affect human consciousness. More on all of these ideas in future posts.

Currently in my studio I have a small group of works in progress.  They are oil on board and charcoal/chalk on paper.  The images are inspired through meditation and contemplation on Tarot and The Course in Miracles.  They are visions from my minds eye and I am using photo and “real” references to help clarify what I see in my imagination.  I am fascinated by the nature of  vision we hold in our mind’s eye and so much of technical focus is on bringing that non physical into the physical reality .

In subsequent posts I will discuss these pieces more but for the moment the images here are an idea of what they look like.

Sincere thanks for your attention,








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