Hello dear reader;

It has become apparent that in these late days of July my creative life has been hijacked by children on summer vacation.  With very little time to devote to my painting and drawing I must pull back a little on writing.  I will regularly post images of the work in progress from my studio so that those interested can keep updated but I will continue my discussions about the paintings less frequently during the summer. 


I must let you know as well about The Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists( http://www.portraitscanada.ca/ ) National Open Exhibition which wil be held from August 5 to 29th at the Alliance Francaise in Calgary- 330-12Ave. SW.  I will have two paintings included.

This study, done since the last post, is chalk and charcoal on paper and approximately 18×24″.

Thank you for attention dear reader and I will post more images soon



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