CIPA Exhibition

Hello dear reader;

This past Tuesday I attended the Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists National Open Exhibition.  It is a very good exhibition and I’m honoured to have had two pieces accepted.  One portrait of my brother Jarvis and one of my father John.  It is a prize show and I was thrilled to have the portrait of John win the Best portrait award. Humbling, because there were so many good pieces, it was a genuine surprise.  I know that CIPA must have worked very hard to put the event together and I’m very grateful for this chance to exhibit in the context of portraiture. 

The portrait is of John, who is also a painter, holding a self portrait that he had done many years before. It is oil on board and 24×36″.  The portrait of Jarvis is the one titled Framer King on the home page of my website. It also is oil on board and smaller at 9.5×15.25″.  Both frames on my pieces are from Jarvis’s frame shop and they are beautiful!

Two of my favorite pieces also won prizes- one by CIPA President Jack Rigaux  (  and one by Issabelle Massey  (   There are many, many pieces worth seeing in the show.


It has been a real pleasure to be a member of CIPA and to be a part of their exhibitions. I encourage anyone who is doing any sort of portraiture to consider looking into membership and to entering the next open exhibition. There is an open house at the Alliance Francais where the exhibition is on Saturday the 9th of August from 1:30-3:30 (see announcement below). I will be there so if you are I’ll see you then.


Until next time dear reader,

take care,



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