Welcome dear reader;

Unbelievably it is September.  The high yesterday of 8 degrees has truly announced the change of seasons. Tomorrow the children will be back to their school schedules and I will be back to full time painting.  Today I give you a quick look at the work I have been doing the past few weeks deep at night in my basement studio once the kids were finished with their days.  It is tentatively called The Return of the Prodigal and it is inspired by a central truth in my spiritual paradigm.  More on this soon but for the moment here are the pictures. For those wondering what has become of the work I was doing called Compass, it is patiently waiting beside the easel as I bring this piece close to finish.  I expect both pieces to be very near completion in the next few weeks.  

Thank you for your patience over the summer break and you can expect posts from me now at least once a week.

Most sincerely,


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