Return of the Prodigal Child

Hello dear patient reader;


So I have finshed this painting and settled on the final title: Return of the Prodigal Child (oil on board 36×40″).  It has captured perfectly my intention and so I’m satisfied and it is covered in varnish.

I haven’t been so active on this blog but very active at my easel. At the end of November I will have these paintings and drawings that I have been showing you on this blog on display at The Weiss Gallery in Calgary. Also there will be some portrait works from the last two years. The Weiss Gallery is at 1021 6th Street SW in Calgary and the display will be up from November 27th until December 23rd.  I hope you will come so that you can see all of these works in the flesh.


Until then watch here as I am about ready to publish writing here and on my site  that will assist you in understanding what I am doing with my work and in each of the paintings. I promise that  it will be available before you see the paintings in the gallery.

So enjoy the new painting!

in gratitude for your attention,


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