The New Year

Hello dear reader;

I trust you are having a good beginning to your new year. Things aremary going very well here.  After my exhibition last month I enjoyed a quiet Christmas and have been back in my studio for just over a week now.  My focus this month is on portraiture as I have commissions to complete. This work is going well and I’m enjoying it very much. I have two major works besides the portraits awaiting my attention and they will follow the theme of the works I have shown you here over the past few months. One is the male counterpart to Mary(shown above) and the other is a major work of “Eve” I have many insights to digest resulting from 2008 and I expect some transformation the next paintings.  I’m paying particular attention to color and texture but I will speak more as the works progress.

mary-framedFinally, a most sincere thanks to all who were able to come and experience my work in December.  And a most sincere thanks to The Weiss Gallery for their beautiful exhibition space and their extraordinary attention to my work.

They are currently showing a group show with color as a theme “Chroma”.  Here is the link to the information

Until next time,


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