Hello friends;

I have just completed the study for one of my next portraits.The size is 26×46″ the study is both charcoal and graphite on paper and the painting still-life-and-boywill be oil on board.  I am very inspired by the image, especially the combination of a portrait and a still life element.

I do the studies to work out composition and to get familiar with the image.  I don’t take the pieces to a very high degree of finish because it is not neccessary for these purposes but I do find them very helpful in becoming attuned to the energy of the portrait.  Each time I do one though, I do think to myself how I must make the time to do more finished drawings as I absolutely love the feel of drawing.

still-life-and-boy-detail1Until the panel is ready to begin painting (my brother Jarvis at Jarvis Hall Fine Frames makes beautiful gessoed panels) I am working on the study  for another portrait which is of a boy around the same age in an outdoor setting.

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Hello dear and patient reader;

I spent the winter season painting on a single portrait.  It was a perfect way to spend the long dark months as the piece was full of rich color and had a summer setting. Particularly satisfying to paint was the contrast of flesh and fabric. As you see the entire bottom half is a sea of satin and velvet dresses.  Having the setting be outdoors and having such an expanse behind the figures kept  the memory of  fresh air and sunshine  in my experience as I worked in the basement throughout the relentless cold of our winter here in Calgary.

I have real fondness for the hands.

The work is 30×33″ and it is oil on canvas. Here are a few details.

I have begun work on the next projects and there are three to update you on in upcoming posts.

Until next time,