new portrait

Here is the second portrait that I have completed from this last season.  It is oil on board and 26×46″.  The preliminary study for this piece was featured in the blog from April.  I’ve included a few in progress images to reveal some of the technique I used to create the finished artwork.


Well hello;

After a long break from writing I have two portraits to show you.  Both have been done in the months since my last post. Until I am fully back into the habit of writing, here are some pictures showing some of the process of making the pieces.  Shown are a small variety of in progress shots which depict the very early stages of building the paintings.  I begin with a grid and the basic charcoal drawing on the gessoed board.  Next I do a substantial grey painting of the image which gives me the underlying structure on which to develop the finished artwork.  It is a very long process but for the time being I experience that any skipped steps seems to disrupt my creative flow and the integrity of the finished surface.

The Tree and the Boy, oil on board 18X24″:

Please check back tomorrow for photos of the second piece,