Here is the newest work from my studio.  It is oil on board and it is 22×24″ and the title is Thirteen:We are Golden.  

I am  very satisfied with the piece as I feel it embodies my desire to combine nature and the mystic, that is, representation of the(apparent)natural world-the flesh,textiles and hair-with representation of spirit-the aura and halo. I am intrigued by the use of a completely dark background to serve as the ground of being from where our experience emerges.  For me the piece evokes calm, meditation and healing. Further, the solid presence of the figure-an archetypal energy of a love filled innocent-extends a palpable peace.  I am fascinated by the potential of the elements in paintings- the colour, composition and texture etc- to interact creating vibrational frequencies which have real affect in the viewers aura  and this deepens the meaning of the phrase “extends a palpable peace”.

“Peace is your most valuable asset…it is your fundamental ground of being.”  (Raj 2006-01-08)

Until next time,


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