New Portrait and Exhibition

This week two things to share.

First, there is a major exhibition of creative work by all members of my family on view at the Art Gallery of Calgary.  There is a gallery each for the paintings of my father, my mother and myself as well as a display of my brother’s frames.  This exhibition will be on until August and the opening celebrations are Friday April 29th from 7 until 10.  Here are some links:,com_gallery/id,31/task,artist/

Second, here are some images of a new portrait.  It is 26×46″ and will be on display with her brother’s portrait at the Weiss Gallery for a few weeks.

The compositions include still lives of items with personal meaning to the family and they are oil on board.  Usually commissions go straight to the home without a public viewing and so this is a rare opportunity to see them live.  I’m very grateful to the family for allowing me to show them at the Gallery

here is a link to the portrait of her brother:

That’s all for now but please check back next week to know about the opening of my brother Jarvis’s new Art Gallery here in Calgary.

peace and love,


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