A Very Exciting Project

I am very exciting to share this with you all!
The Tarosophy Tarot Deck
 We are delighted to announce the creation of a new type of tarot deck, the Tarosophy Tarot, also to be known as the Tarot of Everlasting Day. Authors Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin, with award-winning Canadian artist Janine Hall are together producing a considered, elegant, enigmatic and magisterial sequence of images which will provide a truly original presentation of taro…t. Drawing on Marcus’s three decades of study and experience, working from the original and often still unpublished works of Aleister Crowley, A. E. Waite, the Golden Dawn and other sources, this will be a tarot for the soul, redrawn for the man and woman of today. Whilst being grounded in the various tarots of the past, it will not be beholden to any, striking off into the landscape of mystical vision. Tali will be providing research into traditions spanning across the Marseilles and Lenormand styles, uniquely combined with contemporary insight and field research incorporating the requirements of modern readers. Marcus will be building from entire collections of occult order material and all published works and often unpublished works on Tarot. Janine will be visioning these designs into fine art, capturing a truly ethereal expression of Tarot. Amongst other innovations and design features, the Tarosophy Tarot will contain ten additional cards, and be the first deck to exist in three separate versions, each of which will be at a different level of resonance. The design for each card across the three decks will build on the seekers own discovery of their soul through the images. One deck version will be suitable for divination usage, one for teaching work and self-discovery, and one for the highest spiritual insight and vision. Together they will illustrate the initiatory journey of the order of everlasting day. A full journal of letters and illustrations between the designers and artist is to be provided with the deck, giving invaluable insight into the creative process that informs this deck. The first two images from this deck are planned to be available as colour plates in the first book of THE MAGISTER in 2012. For more details as they are produced, please see The Tarot Speakeasy: http://www.tarotspeakeasy.com/ and visit Janine Hall’s portfolio at http://janinehall.ca/.

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