My latest Painting is on view in Calgary

So here is the latest painting to come out of my studio.  It is a self portrait done in a few days- just me, my headphones, the paint, the canvas and mirror… and coffee, of course.

 Everything that I’ve learned up til now about painting is represented here I think.  It is oil on canvas and 24 by 30″. The title is Mars Return 2012. When a transiting planet returns to the degree it stands in ones natal chart there is an ending and beginning of the cycle symbolized by the planet. This moment is an opportunity to take what one has experienced in the previous period and move into the new with a refreshed vision based on the planetary function. The action of doing a self portrait at the Mars return in the very early moments of the new cycle manifests a blessing for the new or an initiation of the new vision in a ritual sort of way, infusing the painting with meaning as a talisman for the cycle. I believe very strongly that painting can be used productively in this way to make things “real”


This painting will be up at jarvis Hall Fine Art for August in his exhibition Summer Survey ll. Here is Jarvis’ announcement for the show:

“It is time again for me to have a look outside of our regular roster of artists and curate an exhibition inviting artists that I admire to hang on our walls.  Last August our first Summer Survey Bring The Noise was a great success and a point of conversation throughout the year with collectors and artists alike.  It is in this spirit of thought provoking exhibitions that I present to you Summer Survey II, featuring: Paintings by Janine Hall (courtesy of the Weiss Gallery), Becky McMaster, Elena Evanoff, Marianne Gerlinger and Leslie Sweder.  Drawings by Debra Rushfeldt.  Sculpture by Donna White, Kim Bruce , Jen Somerville and Shelley Ouellet.  Photographs by Angela Inglis. We are not having a title for this year’s summer survey show.  I had intended to come up with a clever or insightful title referencing the fact that all of the exhibiting artists are women. I have decided that gender is not the point of this exhibition at all. The art is, as it should be, the thing.    During studio visits I realized that while the energy was coming from a feminine place the impact of the work did not rely on this information. I was encouraged as a curator, to realize that I was looking at commanding artworks.  To say that I am attempting to curate an exhibition that opens a feminist dialogue would be wrong. This exhibition is an honest survey of what is happening in the studios of artists that I admire.  The hope is for the audience to be inspired by the variety of vision these artists bring to this exhibition. “
Jarvis Hall

The information to get there is:
Jarvis Hall Fine Art
617 – 11 Avenue SW
Lower Level
Calgary, Alberta

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