What Lies Beyond the Storms

What Lies Beyond the Storms

Storms have always been a part of my creative imagination. They are so powerful and awesome, no match at all for humans and the things we build. They are terrifying, dangerous, exciting, beautiful and more all at the same time. I have no physical experience with tornados or hurricanes myself, only imaginings feuled by images from videos, photos and stories. Storms are so wonderfully symbolic. It is a combination of water and air and for someone like me who thinks in symbols, the mixture of the two- mental and emotional- is so meaningful, especially when I consider the destructive force, the beauty, the turbulence, the temperatures and the impact on the earth and on the creatures. Rich subject matter to ponder including the relationship between the forms of air and water- in the human, in the weather, in the imagination and throughout creation.
This piece is called “What lies Beyond the Storms”. The two twisters reach stretch from the dark clouds on either side of the composition like pillars. There is a suggestion of some drama and human presence on the ground around them. Far above the dark clouds there are patches of night sky and stars and below them is the glow of light from the sun beyond. So if I look and contemplate the light the turbulence of the storms is only on the periphery.

What Lies Beyond the Storms detail 1

What Lies Beyond the Storms detail 2

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