Jarvis Hall Fine Art +One

The summer show at Jarvis Hall Fine Arts is called +One. Each of his gallery artists were asked to show a piece and then invite an artist they wanted to be included. I believe that Jarvis did not pre curate the show at all and just responded to the work that showed up prior to hanging. It is a rich mix of styles and approaches to art that will appeal to a good range of tastes and interests. It is very interesting to see how well it all works together as the mood changes from one piece to the next and every piece in the show is worth seeing individually.

Here is Jarvis’s description for the show:

Join us for the opening reception of our summer exhibition entitled: + One

“Featuring works by:

Mark Dicey + Doug Taylor
David Foxcroft + Dan Hudson
Marianne Gerlinger + Marcel Van Eeden
Janine Hall + Richard T. Davis
Billy McCarroll + Serena McCarroll
Herald Nix + M. Cran
Jen Somerville + Mireille Perron
Jeffrey Spalding + Marmaduke Matthews
Larissa Tiggelers + Shannon Brown
Dean Turner + Isobel Rae
Carl White + Timothy Reece
Dan Whiting+ Mackenzie Kelly-Frere
John Will + Robin Arseneault

Since opening the gallery, Jarvis Hall Fine Art, in 2011 I have used my summer months to program curated group exhibitions. I have allowed for and invited artists that I do not represent to be included in these exhibitions in order to push the boundaries of programming in a commercial art gallery. My hope is that our audience will get a greater sense of what is happening in contemporary art, further afield from the artists that I represent.

This year, I asked each of the artists at JHFA to invite a guest artist (+ One) of their choice to take part in our summer show. The result of this of type of curation has resulted in our largest exhibition to date with an estimated 30 works on view. I have had no input into the list of invited artists, believing that the strength of the exhibition would be served by the varied mix of style, approach and execution. Every artist at JHFA has their own reasons for whom they added to the guest list. ”

I chose Richard Thomas Davis who I met at the last the last Kingston Prize Portrait competition. I admire his work greatly for its meditative beauty but also for its slow and careful aesthetic where craftsmanship, technique and attention to detail are so valued. I find a lot of inspiration in his art that supports my longing to make work where paint describes a vision so completely that it transforms into the vision itself.

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