New Still Life

Ancestors web
Recently I have enjoyed developing more of a still life practice. I have been working from a black box set up beside my easel. Much work I do of portraits is from photo resources and so it is very valuable for me both creatively and technically to spend regular time working from life. In this composition I have used some fabric from my studio that I dyed in deep hues, the now familiar purple ribbon and a small terracotta face that has been hanging on my wall for years. When the face has fallen a couple of times I glued the pieces back together as I love it very much.  This painting was strongly about colour relationship while I was working on it, but there is a symbolic component that describes the ancient alien conspiracy tales which I find fascinating and bizarre.
Here for your interest are photos including a couple of the work in progress. The finished piece along with the last, “Courage”, will be at Jarvis Hall Fine Art in Calgary later this week. I will also have more additions of work in progress on this blog shortly.

in progress 1

in progress 3 web

Ancestors detail complete

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