curves…and Instagram

No work finished this week but I have lots in progress. I’ve got pictures here of the what is on the easel. These show very well my process of getting work from a preliminary study to a support for painting. I draw my images from both a drawn study and one on computer using a grid. It is a long process but I find that the more engaged and familiar I am with the lines and the shape of an image the easier the painting goes so it is worth the time. I measure everything very carefully and also use curves, angles and straight edges constantly. I have been using these tools for what seems like ages- I can barely trust mind let alone my drawing hand to get things right on their own. The tools also aid me in capturing a flow and design that otherwise I lose working so slow and particularly.





In the drawing I do some very rough shading to keep things organized. These initial drawings can get pretty complicated. Once the drawing is done I will brush a coat of clear gesso over it and then it will be ready for the oil paint.
Here is one with the first layer of paint…


So this week I went onto Instagram for the first time. There is a whole new world of images there- old news I’m sure for most of you but new to me. Easy to take and post the odd studio picture there that won’t end up here! Only for my art though…no garden photos-I’ll save those for Facebook.

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