Time is passing so quickly.

Last year flew by without one post from me here. Adapting to the pandemic ate up my focus for most of the year along with the commotion south of the border. But I was working in the studio tying up loose ends and getting ready for changes I am intending to make this year.

I post more often on Instagram than this blog so many of you may keep up with my studio activity there.

I was drawing this year and will post some of what happened in the on the easel page. Here, though, is the portrait drawing I have completed recently. It was done from some photographs I took a couple of years ago at my local area of Fish Creek park. It is 22 x 28″ and is done with graphite, charcoal and conte on paper.

2021 has me dividing my time between working at my brother’s art gallery, continuing my study astrological studies (I have begun the formal program at The Faculty of Astrological Studies in the UK) , and my studio practice.

I will be updating this blog more regularly this year as I have many thoughts and work to share so please check back or sign up for an email notice when I publish more.

more soon,


New Studio Work

webAfter a longish period of working at commissions, which take me a very long time, my focus is back on studio work. This piece here is both a finished drawing and a study for an oil painting.  It is a little different for me as it is the first time I have pushed the scale larger than life-sized.  My desire to experiment with this size to put emphasis on the marks that often get lost in my work on the smaller scales. Texture and noise in drawing is very creatively satisfying for me. The whole piece is 20×30″, about one and a half times larger than life.

Another feature of this work is my interest in expressing archetypal characters that express universal ideas.

The working title is Namaste, and it is graphite on paper. It is available for sale through Jarvis Hall Fine Art (link on the right column)


In the coming weeks as I work on the painting inspired by this drawing, as well as other work in my studio I will be posting regularly for those who are interested in following the progress.

New works

Rorschach11study detail

So over the past few months I have been developing ideas in the form of maquettes for new directions in my studio work. There are a few groups of ideas and this month I began developing studies from one of them.  This first group of images are portrait based and use as a starting point the Rorschach tests used in psychotherapy.  A couple of the primary themes I’m developing is multivalence and emergence in the context of, of course, painting.  I’ll write more about them in the coming weeks but for the moment, just to introduce them, here are the first of many.  They all share a working title of Rorschach Portrait and each have a number to identify which they are in the group. These are 18×24″ charcoal, graphite and chalk on grey velvet paper.  I will develop a selection of these into oil paintings.

Rorschach11study Rorscharch portrait 1 study