Tarot and astrology

As well as being a devoted artist I am a serious student of both Tarot and astrology. My first formal class was the 1 year course called the World of Symbols in 2006 with Calgary’s Beth Hedva. From there I went on to study with Marcus Katz in his 2 year Hekademia program and Tarot Diploma course both offered through Tarot Professionals.

Since then I have continued to study through various courses, workshops and books both the languages of Tarot and astrology and continue to be fascinated by how useful they are for awareness and contemplation of our day to day life.

With Marcus and his partners Tali Goodwin and Derek Bain I illustrated The Tarot of the Secret Dawn and am currently working on the Tarot of the Everlasting Day with Marcus and Tali.

I am very happy to share my studies to work for you either through talking about your own birthchart, private teaching or artwork of any inspirational kind.


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